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Pottery Class in Houston

This pottery class is designed for both with little or no ceramics experience BUT who want to expand their knowledge or refresh their skills as well as those with some proficiency who want to increase their technical skills. This course will focus on hand-building pottery, glazing techniques and studio safety. Students will create beautiful vases, masks, and sculptural forms.

Pottery Classes Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

Instructor: Shawn Clifton
Duration: 8 weeks [4h. per week]
Ages: Adults
Price: $350 
Supplies: Clay and basic tools not included



A Field of Clay Touched by the Genius of Man Becomes a Castle

Pottery is clay that is modeled, dried, and fired, usually with a glaze or finish, into a vessel or decorative object. Pinch pots, made from balls of clay into which fingers or thumbs are inserted to make the opening, may have been the first pottery. Coil pots, formed from long coils of clay that are blended together, were not far behind. The civilizations of ancient Egypt and the Middle East utilized clay for building and domestic use as early a 5000 B.C. By 4000 B.C. , the ancient Egyptians were involved in pottery on a much larger scale. The ancient Chinese produced black pottery by 3500 B.C. with round bases and plaited decoration. Closer to 1000 B.C. the Chinese used the potter’s wheel and developed more sophisticated glazes.

Where We Are

1200 Blalock Rd. Suite 115
Houston, TX 77055

Our hours

10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Monday through Saturday

How to Contact us

281 825 1747

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